1. Is your insurance plan governed by ERISA?
    • This firm specializes in ERISA, and subsequently MHPAEA, and therefore does not generally work on cases involving plans that are not governed by ERISA.
    • If you desire legal representation and your plan is not governed by ERISA, the State Bar may be able to assist you in finding an attorney. The phone number for the Utah State Bar is (801) 531-9077.  
  2. Have you completed the appeal process as explained in your insurance policy? 
    • If not, your plan may require you to do so before you can take legal action. 
    • Our firm does not generally get involved in the prelitigation process; however, we work closely with Fix My Claims ("FMC") as they specialize in assisting with the claims and appeals processes. If you would like to inquire about obtaining their services, you can contact their office at (801) 466-3838. 
  3. If you have exhausted your appeals and are hoping to take legal action to challenge the denial of coverage/benefits, and if the issue at hand seems to fit into the area of law practiced by this firm, you can use the "Get Help Now" survey to inquire about obtaining representation.
    • Including in your message, to the extent of your knowledge, the information listed here as well as any other details you find pertinent, will greatly assist us in determining if our firm is well versed with the issue(s) you are experiencing and subsequently our ability to represent you in the matter.