Apr 23, 2019

Disability and Life Insurance Claims

The Law Office of Brian S. King helps individuals who must secure a financial future for themselves and their families negotiate the complex legal process of obtaining disability and life insurance money. Often these claims involve dealing with ERISA, a complicated federal statute that is not friendly to consumers. Disability and life insurance claims can arise as a result of injuries or illness. Insurers deny these claims at the most difficult and financially stressful times in a person's life. The Firm helps individuals get the funds necessary to carry on with their lives.

Residential Treatment Claims

The Law Office of Brian S. King has handled hundreds of denied medical claims involving residential treatment for mental illness. Health insurers work hard to avoid paying these claims. However, residential treatment for eating disorders and other severe mental, emotional or behavioral illnesses is often the most appropriate level of care for an individual in need of medically necessary treatment.  Over many years my office has learned the best ways to increase the likelihood of getting payment for wrongly denied residential treatment claims.

Medical Claims

The Law Office of Brian S. King specializes in representing patients, hospitals and physicians facing denied medical claims. These denials can take the form of individual high dollar claims, denials or underpayments arising out of managed care contracts, reductions in payment from cuts based on "usual, reasonable and customary" criteria, attempts by insurers to wrongfully shift costs to Medicare or Medicaid and many other types of reductions and denials. These claims are often governed by or involve ERISA, a federal statute that is not designed with the interests of consumers or health care providers in mind. The Firm has years of experience dealing with the complex legal, medical and insurance terrain that makes up the world of denied health insurance and health benefit claims. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Firm extends its services nationwide.

Fair Labor Standards Act Claims

The Law Office of Brian S. King handles actions for unpaid overtime and lost wages claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Employees who fall under the FLSA and work more than forty hour a week without being compensated as required by law may have a right to recover unpaid overtime wages, liquidated damages and attorney fees and costs.