. . . yet again. Here's how it happened today. I spent most of the day at Lagoon, the area amusement park. As my oldest daughter and I were waiting for her siblings to go on the log flume, I had occasion to restate a common refrain: the words "it's all up here" as I tap my temple three times. She was not amused. "You always say that but it's not true. How you do in life isn't all mental. Bad things happen that are completely out of our control." And she was, of course, correct. In response I said, "You're right. But I'm exaggerating to more effectively make a point about a larger truth." I didn't really articulate it to her at the time but I've thought about what the bigger idea is since then. More accurately stated, I think we greatly underestimate the degree to which properly managing our thoughts can improve our world. I'm tempted to run downstairs and tell the kids about the new improved formulation of their less-than-favorite admonition. But it would probably just increase their level of annoyance!
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