One of the most interesting articles I've read in awhile is by Atul Gawande, a surgeon and writer, in a recent issue of The New Yorker. It highlights the prospects for dramatically improved outcomes in healthcare through the rigorous use of checklists. It's a real eye-opener, well worth the read. It seems self evident that, when dealing with important matters in our lives, we go through a checklist to make sure we don't forget some essential component of the process that, if it fails, could bring our whole endeavor crashing down. Perhaps we can benefit from the use of checklists in more areas of our lives than we think. Happy New Year to all!
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Eileen Doyle Crane 11/17/2008 01:47 PM
Hi Brian: Great article! When I worked in the ICU at Utah Valley many years ago we did not have checklists. I will be sure to teach my Health Care Law class at UVSC all about them. Eileen
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Brian S. King 11/17/2008 01:47 PM
Good to hear from you Eileen. Teach those youngsters well!
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