Sadly, I think there is a lot of truth to the title of this op-ed piece, "health reform is corporate welfare."  I especially like the "cherry lemon socialism" concept.  

A non-frivolous argument can be made for the idea that profit making corporations should be allowed to do everything within their legal power to try and shift losses to taxpayers and keep profits for themselves.  One can argue that avoiding accountability for their losses is part of the market competition.  If they can do it better than their competitor, they may survive while their competitor may not.  This is the kind of clear eyed realism that so many conservatives are so proud to embrace.  You'll find these hardy souls are often quick to ridicule liberals who try to avoid cold-blooded, survival of the fittest, thinking.  However, especially for those who adhere to pure market thinking, the idea that taxpayers should be made to subsidize the losers and the winners should be allowed to keep their profits is most offensive.   

I hope Congress has the cajones to stand up to the health insurance industry and put in place some mechanisms to provide for meaningful corporate accountability as well as effective healthcare reform. 
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