For many years Linda Nee was a senior claims adjuster with UNUMProvident, the largest disability insurer in the country. She left the company in 2002 and provided information to the U.S. Department of Labor that resulted in a nationwide investigation of UNUMProvident's disability claims practices. As a result of that investigation, UNUMProvident agreed to reopen the claims files from the files of denied claims for the past several years upon the request of an insured. Linda has provided some thoughts about common tactics disability and health insurers in the country use to maximize their profits. You can find her comments about the top five unconscionable claims practices of disability and health insurers here. I can relate to a number of Linda's observations as well as comments from others that she quotes. The host page for her coments is provided by the Health Administration Responsibility Project, an excellent resource for information about ERISA from a consumer's perspective.
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Ethan Vessels 11/17/2008 01:47 PM
This is the absolute truth. I am more frequently taking health claims in my law practice. Health insurers will look for any reason to deny the claim--whether or not based on sound evidence. In fact, some will completely ignore information that would lead to having to pay the claim.
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