Business Insurance reports today that over the weekend 71% of the Swiss voters shot down a proposal to establish a single payer to replace 87 insurers that currently share healthcare costs in that country. Health insurance is mandatory in Switzerland. The question on the ballot was whether a single payer is preferable to multiple payers. The Swiss feel pretty strongly about the answer to that question!
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Don Levit 11/17/2008 01:47 PM
Brian: I am heartened that the Swiss realized that having one big pool is not much more effective than 87 of them. However, basing premiums on income is a great idea. Tying benefits to wealth is also a good idea. Encouraging the healthy to participate is absolutely vital. Merely scaring people that "One day you may need expensive care" is not enough to get them to enter and to stay insured. Until we realize that it is the low claimants that keep the system functioning, we will not come close to resolving the affordability issue. Don Levit
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