Earlier this week this L.A. Times story gives us an idea about the answer to this question.  Many months ago America's Health Insurance Plans, the lobbying group for health insurers and other payers of health benefits, decided they needed to get in front of the forthcoming legislative parade about how we deliver and finance healthcare in this country.  Smart move AHIP.  Many think healthcare payers will end up with a "bonanza" and a "financial windfalll" at the end of the Congressional process.  Any legislation that passes will likely provide universal coverage which will add tens of millions of people to insurance company customer lists, taxpayer subsidies to assist the poor in paying premiums, and more lenient requirements for payers on the amount of insurance they must provide per premium dollar. 

Insurers aren't out of the woods yet.  If the public option ends up in a final blll that passes Congress, there could be some rain on the insurer's parade. 

UPDATE: Kristof's column today is a must read.
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