B. Janell Grenier, an ERISA lawyer in Pennsylvania, has an interesting post and link to an article in Law.com discussing why more lawyers aren't blogging. I'm with Janell in feeling that it may have something to do with the fact that as I look out my office window at the trees waving in the sun with the mountains in the background on this perfect summer afternoon, other activities take a higher priority for most lawyers. I like the reference in the article to the blog as pet: "In a lot of ways, blogging is like owning a dog," says Stephen Nipper, author of The Invent Blog. "You have to feed it, you have to take it for walks, you have to take it to the vet. It's a living and breathing animal that needs to be regularly dealt with." True. But I already have a dog, Emma the Airedale, and a cat too for that matter. For me, blogging is both a creative and educational outlet providing the chance to talk to a somewhat larger audience than my paralegal and associates about ERISA, a troubled statute IMHO.
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